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Anti Spark Tubing

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Legris anti static tubing conforms to UL94 VO standard and is suitable for installations submitted to aggressive environments, providing resistance to spark projection.

3 types of tubing are available:

Nylon Tubing: Designed with a PVC sheath and semi rigid nylon tubing providing excellent resistance to spark projections and high pressure. Perfectly adapted for use with Legris LF6000 instant anti spark fittings.

Polyurethane Tubing: Designed with a PVC sheath and polyether polyurethane tubing providing excellent resistance to spark projections and high pressure. Perfectly adapted for use with Legris LF6000 instant anti spark fittings.

Single Layer Polyurethane Tubing: Provides excellent humidity and spark projection resistance. Perfectly suitable for use with Legris LF3600 instant fittings.

Green, Red and Blue available on request.

Order CodeOD (mm)ID (mm)1+   Quantity

Nylon - 25 Metre

1025P06V0164 £62.28 
1025P08V0186 £90.96 
1025P10V01108 £115.04 
1025P12V011210 £218.76 
1100P08V0186 £558.51 
1100P10V01108 £786.67 
1100P12V011210 £831.31 

Polyurethane - 25 Metres

1025U06V0164 £89.90 
1025U08V0185.5 £133.15 
1025U10V01107 £193.21 
1025U12V01128 £266.11 

Polyurethane - 100 Metre

1100U06V0164 £341.55 
1100U08V0185.5 £505.80 

Single Layer Polyurethane - 25 Metre

1025U04K0142.5 £45.15 
1025U06K0164 £75.90 
1025U08K0185.5 £118.57 
1025U10K01107 £134.69 
1025U12K01128 £231.10 

Single Layer Polyurethane - 100 Metre

1100U04K0142.5 £157.23 
1100U06K0164 £288.42 
1100U08K0185.5 £450.55 
1100U10K01107 £567.97 
(All prices exclude VAT)

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