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LF3000 Push In Fittings

Invented and launched by Legris in 1969, the LF 3000 system has become universally adopted.

It has been designed using a simple and widely proven operating principle which allows instant fitting.  The connection of the tube to fitting is made by simply pushing the tube into the fitting, no other operation is required. 

Disconnection is similarly “instantaneous”.

Attentive to market needs, Legris has taken into account the requirements of its customers, i.e. optimization of performance, miniturization, and appearance.  In order to be utilized to its maximum capability, the LF 3000 system is available in 3 ranges:

  • for metric tubes with  BSP threads in taper, parallel or metric form.
  • for fractional inch tubes with BSP threads in taper form.
  • for fractional inch tubes with NPT threads.

Millions of fittings are in service throughout the world.

Designed for pneumatic installations, the LF 3000 system is therefore an essential component in a wide variety of industries.

Technical Specifications

Reliable performance is dependent upon the tube being used, ambient temperature and fluid conveyed together with the component materials of the fitting.

Working Fluid

Compressed Air

Working Pressure

20 bar maximum

Working Temperature

-20° to +80°C

Vacuum of 755 mm HG (99% vacuum)

Constituent Materials

Body: Glass reinforced nylon 6.6

Collar: Nylon

Gripping ring: Stainless steel

“O” rings: nitrile

Sub-base: Nickel plated brass

Performance and Reliability

  • full flow : as gripping and sealing within the fitting is achieved using the outside of the tube without deformation, there is no flow restriction
  • automatic sewaling : the ‘O’ ring within the fitting provides a positive seal on the O.D. of the tube, in both static and dynamic positions, due to an optimized design of the tube guide.

Immediate Sealing

  • for parallel threaded fittings, due to a patented built in captive ‘O’ ring seal
  • for tapered threaded fittings due to teflon pre-coating

Extensive Range

  • a soution for all applications : wide variety of body designs and numerous configurations, from 3mm to 14mm diameters
  • 3 types ot thread : BSP parallel, BSP taper and metric
  • special items on request

Compact and Aesthetic

  • optimized dimensions and new body designs, to satisfy the ergonomics and aesthetics of pneumatic installations

Instant Connection and Disconnection

  • instant connection and disconnection without the use of spanners
  • release buttons available in 6 colours, to identify different circuits

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